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Denny McLain was the last 30 game winner in Major League Baseball. His record in 1968 was 31-6. As of today, (37 years later), no one has matched this great accomplishment.

As a kid growing up I was a pitcher in the local little league for several years. My baseball glove had a 31 right in the center of the palm with 31 stars around it. At the time I'm sure I had no clue what it meant, but later I learned who Denny McLain was and of course that the 31 represented his 31 wins in 1968.

As I have grown older I have tried to learn more about Denny. I've read his books, collected his baseball cards, and have tried to keep up on his life. Being an Internet programmer for a living it was a natural for me to create a website to try to centralize all of the information that I had collected concerning him.

If you're not familiar with Denny McLain and his story, I think you'll find it quite fascinating. I have.

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